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April 2 - 15

SD Nº64 plans place-based elementary and middle years programs

Learning immersed in community life and mentorship, both school and home-based, is planned for two Gulf Islands.

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Hedging your bets

Kinder Morgan owns, or partially owns, two of Canada’s oil spill cleanup response companies. Economist Robyn Allan terms this as a conflict of interest.

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Bank of Canada case - government appeal dismissed

An action to return the Bank of Canada to its original purpose of financing government at a negligible interest rate has had a boost. The Federal Court of Appeal has dismissed the government’s appeal against the move.

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The Blue Dot Movement is growing

The Islands Trust passes a motion to support the Blue Dot Movement declaring the right of humans to a healthy environment.

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Could BC’s Future Ferries Be Electric?

Guy Dauncey takes a look at two new electric ferries that are in use in Europe, and examines the possibility of bringing the technology to BC.

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Reader's Letters

Bill C-51, Herring stocks, bridge feasibility, upcoming election, Raven coalmine, seaweed harvesting...

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