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Trudeau announces national carbon pricing

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced a national carbon price, which will go into effect in 2018. Some premiers are arguing that it will damage their economies, while environmentalists say the pricing will be ‘too little, too late’.

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UBCM passes resolution to protect old-growth

The Union of BC Municipalities has voted to pass a resolution to protect old-growth forests in BC after a lengthy campaign by the Ancient Forest Alliance.

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Leap Manifesto turns one

The Leap Manifesto movement has turned one, and support for it continues to grow. A look at what the manifesto is and what it has accomplished.

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8,000 year old ancient relict sand under Petronas pilings

Elizabeth May digs deep into the political corruption that surrounds the Petronas NorthWest LNG approval. It’s possible that crucial information was hidden from Cabinet ministers by the very civil servants mandated to provide them with the facts.

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The Douglas Treaties

Adam Olsen discusses the importance of the ocean and salmon to the First Nations people of the Saanich Inlet. Treaties and governments have been neglecting this importance for decades.

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Violence against indigenous women

Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook died tragically in Ottawa, possibly as a result of foul play. Her death is another in the long history of violence against indigenous women that needs to be stopped.

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Wild salmon face an upstream battle

Wild salmon have a long, difficult journey through the oceans and rivers to reach their spawning grounds. Humans are only making it harder for them to survive the trip, but it's crucial that they do.

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Witness Blanket Installation Comes To VIU

A nationally recognized art installation, the Witness Blanket, is coming to Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo to tell the tragic story of residential schools in Canada.

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Around the Islands

A long way from home; Campfire ban lifted; Heartwood AGM; New hospitals a year from opening; Mudge Island community park

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News Digest

Canada ratifies Paris Agreement; EV charging stations installed; BC’s top water challenges; San Francisco to require green roofs; Greens to vote on Robert’s Rules; Great Bear Rainforest Project wins $100,000 award; Gitga’at First Nations and WWF-Canada forge partnership; Hawaiian bees endangered; Boycott launched against Nestlé; Two-thirds of Canadians approve of Trudeau, says survey; BC Greens ban corporate donations

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Readers’ Letters

Mobilizing for WWIII; Wildwood protection; Redefining premier; Feds monitoring weak economy; Site C dam

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