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The best Christmas card ever

You’ll be getting an important card in the mail soon - from the federal government. It will invite you to participate in one of Canada’s most significant happening in years - electoral reform. Don’t know much about it, yet? Read this report on the work of the federal electoral reform committee and, as the card asks, go to: MyDemocracy.ca.

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Southern Gulf Islands ferry update

Details on ferry service changes from the horse’s mouth. A must read for Southern Islanders.

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Does Trudeau’s $1.5 billion oil spill response announcement reassure British Columbians? No way!

Elizabeth May explains who really gets what and how it’s actually just catch-up from years of underfunding.

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Kinder Morgan approval spells extinction for orcas, says Raincoast

Threatened Southern Resident killer whales, our beloved and iconic species, will be driven extinct by seven-fold increase in tanker traffic, says Raincoast Conservation Society.

Lasqueti Island honoured as BC Clean Energy ‘Community of the Year’

Heartwarming story of a tiny island community’s adventure to get a solar-powered school.

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Camino walkers

Heard of the caminos, the historic trails across Europe? Not wilderness trails and well organized, these inspiring journeys may be life changing.

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H Barry Cotton’s poetical look-back at 2016

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Around The Islands

Fiddlers Cove (photo), HAT’s 20th Birthday, Taking Care For The Holiday Season, Local Communities Amongst the Friendliest in Canada, New Land for Sea to Sea Park, Go Eat On Galiano!, Benefit For Standing Rock

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New film showcases Canadian Gulf Islands in Trust

Gulf Islanders’ make doc showcasing their unique islands in trust. Gulf Islands Alliance volunteers have recorded the natural beauty of the islands, narrated by Arthur Black, scored by Valdy—a must watch, lots of opportunities to do so.

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Letters: in a frustrating world, more and more people are writing letters — join them! Keep 'em coming, now that we are online and have the space.

All Party Support for Electoral Reform on Salt Spring, Oil Is Not BC’s Future, A Very Merry Christmas!, What A Wonderful World, First-Past-The-Post In US, North Saanich Box Store Mall, Due Reverence To Bees, Early Childhood Development, Volunteers For Democracy, Goodbye to 399ppm Carbon Dioxide!, Ending Extreme Poverty Starts with Early Childhood Development, Trans-Pacific Partnership

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More Stories

Saturna Notes - Important First Nations meeting, Thank you volunteers, The Ecoforestry Institute regains Merv Wilkinson’s Wildwood, Gulf Islands School District news, Eating less meat will reduce Earth’s heat, Lake named for War Amps leader Cliff Chadderton, Intergovernmental relations ministry

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