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September 4 - 17

Trans Mountain’s tunnel delay; NEB muddles through

Will City of Burnaby allow Trans Mountain to tunnel through Burnaby Mountain? Meanwhile, NEB deals with First Nations oral evidence, Transport Canada has to come up with more information on tanker impacts, and City of Vancouver seeks court decision on pipeline climate change effects.

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Almost the last word on carbs-and beyond

The food industry responds to Science Advisory Committee on Nutrition’s report on carbohydrates by adding more ‘functional foods’ to the shelves such as veggie bread and fortified milk drinks. How about just making a veggie sandwich?

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Platform For Canada 2015 - The Reasons

Five changes in Canada’s elections and government should be supported by any candidate for election as a Member of Parliament. In this issue, Island Tides describes the reasons why these changes are essential to Canadian democracy.

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Fraser Surrey Docks coal transhipment approved

Port Metro Vancouver has now approved the FSD scheme: dusty Wyoming coal travels by rail through White Rock and Surrey, is barged to Texada, stored uncovered and later freighted through the Gulf Islands and to China.

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Mount Polley - Regulation & Aftermath

Patrick Brown tells us how the Mount Polley tailings pond dam failure has shaken public, investors’, and US confidence in ‘self regulation’ of mines. The BC government is scurrying to set up inquiries into the catastrophe, to review the safety of all 98 other dams, and to review it’s own procedures.

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The price of cheap shrimp

Elizabeth May tells us about shrimp aquaculture and the resulting Mangrove destruction and links to slave labour.

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Sea stars still disappearing by the thousands

Sea stars continue to disappear from the west coast ocean as the effects of the unknown ‘wasting syndrome’ cause the populations to plummet.

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