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December 11 - January 21

Climate negotiations down to the wire

Elizabeth May gives us an advance look at the importance of the 20th Conference of the Parties in Lima, Peru, and talks about its importance in building climate treaties.

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Canada and BC not doing enough for ‘climate migrants’

A new study examines Canadian immigration policies in relation to the growing displacement of people due to climate change. Is Canada doing enough?

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The Human Microbiome

Brian Crumblehulme discusses the ‘human microbiome’ and what it means to our health.

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Balancing the budget with bribes

Patrick Brown tells us about the Harper-styled government’s ‘balanced budget’ and tax promises to voters. Is income splitting a form of bribery?

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Latest K-M restructure lacks NEB approval, says Robyn Allan

Kinder Morgan’s recent restructuring never gained NEB approval as required. The transfer of ownership is not in Canada’s public interest, says Robyn Allan.

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