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May 5 - May 18

Malahat First Nation LNG project

The Malahat First Nation’s LNG project continues to push ahead, despite some people viewing the project as ‘so absurd that it will never happen’. Adam Olsen lays out the impacts, saying that locals still need to be alert and active on the issue.

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Earth Day at the United Nations

Elizabeth May views the signing of the Paris Agreement in New York and examines the challenges that face global leaders in the race to halt climate change. Trudeau has now acknowledged Harper’s targets as the baseline but they are woefully inadequate, even as a starting point, says May.

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Island Health – welcome to the future

The islands have a creative solution to ferry rides and long days for off-island doctors’ appointments - the Telehealth program allows patients to video-consult with off-island physicians.

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Global rallies urge government to break from fossil fuels

Global rallies are taking place this May to urge governments to end fossil fuel support and help transition to 100% renewables. A Break Free rally is taking place in Vancouver on May 13-14 to protest Kinder Morgan.

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Applying soil science to gardens

Brian Crumblehulme discusses the best ways to keep your soil - and the plants in it - healthy. The key to good soil is a thriving microbiome. But what exactly does that mean?

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Ferry News

This Summer, Tsawwassen–Gulf Islands Ferry Allows Foot Passenger Reservations; MV Tenaka Ferry Sold to Port Alberni Company; Queen of Cumberland Returns After Upgrade; Federal Government Supports Atlantic Ferries

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Around the Islands

Pole Blessing Ceremony at SIMS; CRD Seeks Public Input on Draft Plan for Island View Park; May Music On Galiano

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Readers’ Letters

Cost of Alberta’s Oil Spree; BC Government Advertisement Blitz; Representation By Population; Enbridge and the Climate Wars; Don’t Expect Taxes from BC LNG

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