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February 19 - March 4

Mount Polley Report - the told and untold

The Mount Polley Independent Review report investigates the tailings dam collapse and provides recommendations for changes in mining practices - it raises more questions than answers.

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Let the ancestors rest in peace

Andrea Palframan tells the story of Grace Islet. The protection of the First Nations' burial ground is an achievement, but there is still a long way to go.

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Site C Approval: Part 1: economic questions

The approval of the Site C dam is being opposed by economists. The budget is skyrocketing, alternatives are being developed, and the energy demand is being questioned.

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Harper’s police state law—the death of freedom

Elizabeth May explains the new ‘anti-terrorism’ bill, C-51, and tells us how the vague guidelines and expanding new powers of CSIS will destroy the freedom of Canadians.

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Pender Solar Initiative Gets Green Light

A Pender Island solar initiative has been awarded a grant by the Nu-to-Yu to install a 39-panel solar photovoltaic system on the roof of the recycling depot.

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Reader's Letters

Movable ferry ramps, Canada’s freedom, international development week, Canada in the Ukraine...

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