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November 13 - November 26

Multi-million-dollar picnics on Burnaby Mountain

Kinder Morgan is taking legal action against Burnaby residents who have been staging picnics to block work crews. The company claims the protestors are trespassing - in a public park.

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IPCC report says cutting carbon emissions is crucial

The Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change's November report states that economically viable solutions to climate change are at hand. IPCC proposes immediate worldwide implementation of available actions that would work to solve the problem.

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Tsilhqo’tin Supreme Court decision an example of hard won First Nations rights

First Nations continue their piecemeal struggle for fundamental rights through the courts. The Tsilhqo’tin ruling was a seminal victory for civil society.

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STVR: lost residents, lost opportunities

Gulf Islands’ communities are being hollowed out by off-island property ownership. However, short term vacation rentals are becoming less cost-effective and may come back into the longterm rental pool.

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