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July 23 - August 5

Answers to Federal Candidate Question #3:

What are your views about participation in warfare, with particular reference to the Middle East?

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Site C given the go-ahead to begin construction but…

The BC government has given approval for BC Hydro to begin construction on the Site C dam, despite pending lawsuits and a call for a two year moratorium on the dam.

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The Sliding Scales of Citizenship

Elizabeth May discusses the recent changes to Canadian citizenship and how they move us into an uncertain understanding of what it means to be Canadian.

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Extraordinary measures to get an LNG industry going

Patrick Brown takes a look at the BC government’s precedent setting deal with Petronas’ North West LNG and how it could lock future BCers into paying compensation for government policy changes in a falling LNG market.

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Changing course: Naomi Klein visits Pope Francis

Pope Francis’s recently released Encyclical, Laudato Si, is causing waves and bringing together a broad set of people discussing climate change solutions.

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Putting a ‘price’ on water

The Water Sustainability Act puts a ‘price’ on groundwater, bringing up concerns about making water a tradable good under NAFTA. But others are arguing the rates aren’t high enough - Nestlé only pays $2.25 per million litres for water bottled.

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Climate and economy discussed in Toronto

Ralliers brought together the concepts of economy, justice and climate in Toronto in early July, marching just before the beginning of the Climate Summit of the Americas.

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News Shorts

Walbran Valley logging protests; BC Ferries Shipbuilding Progress; Water shortages prompt fishing bans; $10 a day daycare a possibility?; Derelict vessel in Ladysmith Harbour poses contamination threat; Compact of Regions Climate Agreement; Weaver calls for diversified BC economy

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Readers’ Letters

Rebuilding Canada after Harper; Laudato Si; The population issue; Drought and LNG; Canadian energy strategy; Recession spin; Water shortage on Galiano; Greek economic crisis; Elizabeth May excluded; G7 decarbonization; Global aid spending still at 0.24%

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Round The Islands

YQQ seeking art that celebrates island connections; Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre opens new exhibit; Sisters of Saint Ann donate land to park; International photo exhibit comes to Hornby; Reconstruction of Bowker Creek near Oak Bay High School; Raffi speaks out on LNG; Love A Lution

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Saturna Notes, page 6

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