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June 30 - July 13

Norway bans deforestation

Norway made history in late May when it became the first country to ban deforestation. This latest move was one in a string of decisions by the Scandinavian country to protect forests from clear cutting.

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Electric vehicle cross-Canada roadtrip

A Saanich couple is towing their camping trailer to St Johns, Newfoundland, behind their all electric vehicle. The 3-month roadtrip is for fun and to show it can be done. They want to inspire others, see www.teslaxcanada.com.

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Feed-in tariffs help renewable energy grow

David Suzuki looks at feed-in tariffs and how they have helped renewable energy generation and use in places such as Germany. Is feed-in the perfect tool to help governments encourage an energy shift?

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Environmental Assessments Gone Wrong

Elizabeth May examines the confusing system of federal environmental assessment left behind by the former government’s omnibus bill C-38. She traces the flaws in projects such as: Site C, Woodfibre LNG, Donkin Coal Mine, Kinder Morgan, Old Harry oilwell and Darlington nuclear reactor.

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Green Burial the New Trend

You’ve spent your life going green. But what about after you die? Frants Attorp takes a look at Denman Island’s new ‘green burial’ cemetery.

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Around the Islands

All of your island news: Thetis Islands’s Fairyslipper Forest fundraising; SD64 K-12 reporting learning innovations; CRD awards affordable housing grants

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News Digest

Updating the Fisheries Act; BC falls behind on climate action; Orca sanctuary considered on BC coast; Renewable energy financially feasible in Nunavut; Edmonton installs solar benches; Federal government invests in BC transit

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Readers’ Letters

Play safe this summer; Preserve and protect; A forgotten promise; Environmental hypocrisy; School dresscode language; TransMountain-X capacity 45% higher than declared; Save Desolation Sound

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