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Valentines Day rally at the Legislature

Citizens greeted the commencement of BC’s first legislative session in nine months with a rally celebrating what they love: a healthy coastline, indigenous rights, a safe climate, and a sustainable economy.

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Salish Eagle on its way

The second of three new BC Ferries ships is on its way from Poland, with some BC Ferries crew on board. Scheduled to go into service on Tsawwassen–Gulf Islands route late in the spring, you can track its progress to BC on www.vesselfinder.com.

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Dissecting the Prime Minister’s excuses for ditching his promise of fair voting

Elizabeth May takes Prime Minister Trudeau to task, refuting his excuses for canning electoral reform.

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Clean disruptive technology

Tony Seba says that batteries and energy storage, electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles, and solar energy will completely change global energy and transportation infrastucture within 20 years. The list of disrupted industries will raise your eyebrows.

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‘No’ to Northern Gateway oil pipeline hasn’t changed much

Dave Ages explains that the threat to BC has shifted to LNG pipelines. The Unist’ot’en people are still standing up for their territory and their rights, after eight years. A March fundraiser tour of the southern coast is coming up.

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Time For Canada To Step Forward In Foreign Aid - Shawnigan Lake Toxic Dump Oversight

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